Retailer Benetton India is set to open 100 stores in India by the end of the year in a continued expansion programme.

Benetton India had only 32 stores in 2004, but has more than doubled that figure to 80 and now has further expansion planned for the rest of the year.

But the company says it has no plans to apply for single brand retail in the country, something which only three foreign brands - Lladro, Louis Vuitton and Moja Shoes - have so far done.

Sales and marketing director Sanjeev Mohanty said the company preferred to monitor the situation, focusing on improving point-of-sale, in-store ambience and shop windows, plus employee training.

Benetton India has three stores in Calcutta, but hopes to expand this to six or seven by the end of next year, while the eastern region's 13 franchisee outlets is set to rise to more than 20 by 2007.

The company has launched a loyalty scheme in New Delhi, which is also set to be rolled out in Calcutta.