Benetton signed the Accord last year

Benetton signed the Accord last year

Italian fashion company Benetton has been accused of violating the terms of the Bangladesh Accord by not disclosing the names of suppliers in the country.

The accusations follow an investigation by Italy’s Presa Diretta in collaboration with Campagna Abiti Puliti (Clean Clothes Campaign Italy), which campaigners claim shows that Benetton has violated the terms of the Accord, signed in May last year following the Rana Plaza disaster.

Under the terms of the Accord, signatory companies are required to fully disclose all supplier factories in Bangladesh, but CCC says the investigation found “at least two” Benetton suppliers not on the list of factories to be inspected by the Accord team.

Campaigners also claim that Benetton has not yet signed up to the Arrangement – the system for paying compensation to the injured and bereaved following Rana Plaza.

Now CCC has demanded that Benetton make an immediate public donation of US$5m to the Rana Plaza Donors Trust Fund.

“The Clean Clothes Campaign has full confidence that the Accord will add these suppliers to the list for inspection, but it is clear that Benetton is still not taking responsibility for the rights of the workers making their clothes,” said Deborah Luccetti of Campagna Abiti Puliti.