BioNeutral Group Inc, a life science company that has developed anti-chemical and antimicrobial treatments for fibres and textiles, is to buy garment manufacturer Orient Arts Inc.

Orient Arts and its affiliate companies have annual sales of over $10m, and manufacture, design and produce finished goods such as shirts, pants and healthcare uniforms in Asia.

The company sells its products in the US through department stores and direct sales to commercial clients, and also has licensing agreements with several celebrities.

Stephen J Browand, president and CEO of BioNeutral Group said Orient Arts "is interested in applying BioNeutral's proprietary chemical formulations to the fabric and finished goods presently offered as well as to expand the business of the company to markets in the broader healthcare field.

"The objective is to develop added value treatments for fabric, fibres and finished goods for consumers, industry and those used by healthcare personnel in hospitals, nursing homes, doctor/dental/veterinary offices, diabetics, home health and wound care, while controlling the means of production."

Mahesh Lala, president of Orient Arts, will continue to run the company.

Earlier this month BioNeutral Group Inc set up a new subsidiary to market its Ogiene and Ygiene treatments.

Theses help prevent chemicals and pathogens from attaching to clothing, and help increase the life of the fabric and colour.