Online apparel retailer Bluefly saw its second quarter losses inch down slightly from last year after pushing up revenues by 8%.

The company posted revenues of US$23.3m, up 8% on last year. Gross profit was also up 8% on 2007 at $9.1m.

Bluefly recorded an operating loss of $1.9m, compared to $2.2m, and a net loss of $2m, down slightly on last year's figure of $2.1m.

"We are pleased with the solid first-half growth that we have experienced, especially in the second quarter," said CEO Melissa Payner.

"We continue to see strength in the business as a result of better operational flow attributed to the warehouse move and increased traffic to the site with the launch of Project Runway Season 5."

Bluefly's average order size in the second quarter was $285.14, fractionally up on last year's figure of $284.01.

"Given the challenges that retailers are facing in this macro-economic environment, we believe we are well-positioned for a strong second half," said Payner.