Bluesign Technologies has selected the 'One Way' calculator from textile chemicals specialist Archroma as the engine behind its new BlueXpert tool, which is being developed to help make textile production more resource-efficient. 

The BlueXpert online tool, which is due to launch in 2016, aims to help textile mills cut water, energy and chemicals consumption during their wet processing operations. Specifically, it promises 50% less water, 30% less energy, and 15% less chemical consumption in textile production. 

Introduced in 2012 after more than two years of development, One Way provides a fast, measurable and reliable approach to selecting chemical product and resource-saving process solutions. Last year, Archroma added its ZDHC MRSL-compliant chemicals and dyes to the calculation tool. 

Meanwhile, Bluesign says BlueXpert marks a “distinct evolution” for One Way in terms of what information is delivered. BlueXpert, which will be available to Bluesign partners, combines for the first time the Bluesign Bluefinder chemical database listing, and the 'Best Available Technology' process selection from the leading chemical industry companies.

Available to the textile industry at any time or anywhere, the tool also includes proprietary algorithms specific to Bluesign criteria, such as the air emission factor. 

"Archroma was the first to introduce a tool that would help their textile customers make the best choices in favour of resource optimisation and, whilst One Way obviously focuses on Archroma's products and processes, we considered the approach with strong interest," says Bluesign CEO Peter Waeber.