British women are buying more bras and the styles currently most in favour are underwired designs says market research firm Taylor Nelson. These styles now comprise 67 per cent of all sales and are steadily gaining ground at the expense of non-wired models according to its recently published survey of lingerie industry trends.

Taylor Nelson rates the value of the UK market at £640 million as compared to £549 million 12 months ago. The average price of an underwired bra is £10.86 and £9.13 for a non-wired style.

The report also indicates that multiples and grocery superstores have most to gain from the current trend, jointly putting on 3.2 per cent more business in the year under review. This gain being was at the expense of mail order sales, which fell 1.6 per cent during the year to 30 June 2002.

By Sonia Roberts.