US-based apparel sourcing giant Brandot International Ltd has promoted Kanishka (Kani) Wijayasiri as its new chief operating officer.

Since joining Brandot five years ago, Wijayasiri has taken on a larger role in expanding the scale of Brandot's global operations, which include numerous subsidiaries and joint venture partners producing textiles and apparel around the world.

"Our ability to extend Brandot's joint venture partner network to India, Bangladesh and eventually to Vietnam is, in large part, a result of the work Kani has done to investigate opportunities, identify appropriate partners, supervise the due diligence process and ultimately secure agreement among culturally diverse participants," said Martin Trust, the head of Brandot and founder and former president and CEO of Mast Industries Inc. 

Looking ahead to the challenges of his new role, Wijayasiri told just-style: "We are probably seeing the biggest shift in the apparel and textile industry since it moved from the west to east.

"Due to rising costs, labour shortages and hard-to-predict exchange rates, China will probably no longer serve as the world's workshop. Most brands and retailers have come to realise this change and have begun to limit their exposure to China or are making plans while increasing sourcing from other locations in Asia.

"Countries such as India, Bangladesh and Vietnam will stand benefit from this migration. Brandot, through its portfolio of companies, is well-positioned for this change and will focus in the next two to three years to target new opportunities that may be created as a result of this shift."