German casual clothing brand Brax is being urged to help stem alleged violations of labour rights in one of its key supplier factories in Turkey.

According to the IndustriAll Global Union and its German affiliate, IG Metall, managers at the Lafem textile factory have sacked 40 union members following a recruitment drive by the Tekstil union in September last year.

Industriall claims that Lafem ignored the workers’ “fundamental labour rights” in making the dismissals and allegedly exerting pressure on them not to pursue legal action contesting the action.

IndustriAll claims that Tekstil tried to resolve the problems peacefully with both Lafem and with Brax – the German company buys almost all of Lafem’s production – but to no avail.

IG Metall took up the case in Germany, the union says, but received a negative response from Brax.

“Industriall Global Union, IG Metall and Tekstil have done everything to restore the situation at Lafem through dialogue,” said Kemal Özkan, assistant general secretary.

“Enough is enough. If Lafem and Brax insist on not reinstating the dismissed workers and entering into constructive talks with Tekstil, our campaign will grow.”