High-end denim product designs incorporating wool could soon be seen in the European market following the launch of a new range of indigo dyed wool products.

Targeted at top retailers, designers and garment makers, Indigo Wool has been developed following several years of research to come up with a product that enables the consistent commercial production of wool and wool blend garments.

Commercially developed by Malwa, in conjunction with The Woolmark Company, the method takes thousands of yarn ends at one time and dyes them through a continuous warp dyeing system. After dyeing, the yarns are woven using technically challenging methods that are adapted to process the softer wool yarns.

Malwa has been working with TS Jeans Care to adopt a range of finishing techniques that bring out the aesthetics and effects of wool and the indigo dye appearances in their finished garments.

Mr Jangi Lal Oswal, chairman of the Malwa Group said: "Indigo Wool is a dream concept for us. Following several years of extensive product development, large scale commercial production and garment trials, we are ready to enter the elite casual wear market with Indigo Wool."

Mr L Peter Wilkinson, managing director of The Woolmark Company said: "Because of its immediate softness and comfort, Indigo Wool feels like your favourite 'worn-in' denim.

"The current fashion trend towards natural fibres, materials and authenticity is good news for the wool industry as a whole.  Indigo Wool also meets modern consumer demands with its ability to be machine washed and tumble dried which gives it a universal and tran-seasonal appeal - comfort and convenience all rolled into one."

Malwa's new Indigo Wool is available in a variety of fabric qualities, weights, shades and finishes.