Australian consumers are paying a third more on average than their American counterparts for products including jeans and athletic footwear, The Sunday Telegraph has reported.

A survey conducted by the paper, which compared the prices of 70 products, found that some items were costing twice as much as in the United States.

As part of the survey, journalists from the paper went shopping at department stores, hypermarkets and specialist outlets in Australia and in the US.

Price differences, after converting the greenback to local currency, included a pair of Nike shoes that costs AU$150 in Sydney but only AU$99 in an American shoe store, and Levi's 501 blue denim jeans that cost AU$135 in Sydney but only $59 in a leading US department store.

"We're being ripped off over and over again," Australian Consumers' Association spokesman Norm Crothers said.

"It's the same with music CDs, Palm Pilots and all those sorts of things.

"There is no doubt we are paying too much."

While some manufacturers claimed that high mark-ups by retailers were partly to blame for the inflated prices, the survey found evidence that some manufacturers were pricing their goods higher in the Australian market, forcing retailers to pass on the costs to consumers.