Clothing retailer C&A is to extend Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to another 20 stores in Germany following a successful trial in five stores.

"Having made quite positive experiences with RFID technology in the five initial test stores, we will now extend the project to further improve technical and organisational aspects based on a larger number of stores before considering a broader rollout," explained company spokesperson Thorsten Rolfes.

The retailer says its aim is to optimise stock flow and data security, "to further improve the offer in our shops" and ensure that items are readily available in the different colours and sizes required.

But it is also at pains to reassure customers, with posters and leaflets in the stores to explain the technology and staff on hand to answer any questions.

"RFID labels will be attached onto the outside of selected items of clothing so they are clearly visible," it says. "After purchase they can be simply removed at any time by the customer."

"It goes without saying that all relevant laws, standards and recommendations are being adhered to regarding RFID on a German and European level," says Rolfes.

C&A stresses it will not use RFID to collect any personal data - and the fact that the labels can be removed by the customer after purchase will prevent the improper collection of RFID data by third parties.

"There will only be a nationwide RFID launch in German C&A shops once we can guarantee our consumers absolute RFID data security."