International fashion retailer C&A is backing a project to provide recovery and rehabilitation assistance to victims of the Tazreen Fashion fire last November, where more than 112 workers lost their lives.

The Netherlands based retailer is teaming up with non-governmental organisation (NGO) Caritas Bangladesh and the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) on the project, which will offer treatment to the injured until they can return to work.

A cheque for BDT450,000 (US$5703) to cover three months' salary was handed to 26 workers on Monday (25 February), with another 29 injured workers due to receive payment tomorrow (27 February).

The fire at Tazreen Fashion prompted calls from trade unions and labour rights groups for immediate action from global brands who source from Bangladesh.

"We're providing the services to the wounded workers on behalf of the Dutch chain of fashion retail clothing stores as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR)," said Ranjon Farancis Rozario, regional director of Caritas Bangladesh.

He added that the plan is to provide medical services to 55 injured workers until August this year.

The BGMEA has already provided a list of about 60 injured workers to Caritas who need further treatment.

In December last year, Phil Chamberlain, C&A's head of sustainable business development, said: "We'll work with the BGMEA in order to determine the needs of the families affected.

"As an immediate action, C&A and the C&A Foundation will work with Caritas and other local organisations and sponsor housing and education for children who have lost parents in the fire. In this way C&A commits to maintaining an on-going solidarity with the families of the victims."