A campaign to extend the wool selling season by driving sales in hot climates has launched at the the Middle East at the Dubai Mall and is set to be joined by a number of tailors and retailers over the coming months. 

The Cool Wool initiative promotes the natural performance benefits of wool in comparison to other fibres normally worn in the hotter months.

According to The Woolmark Company, research has shown that wool performs better than cotton and polyester in the natural management of moisture and temperature, making the wearer feel less clammy and cooler.

Wool breathes, absorbing and releasing up to 35% of moisture vapour, naturally contributing to balancing the micro-climate of the human body by taking up and transporting the sweat and corresponding body heat formed during effort/exercise.

Nylon or polyester fibres have far less ability to absorb water, quickly becoming wet when meeting body sweat.

"Lighter weight fabrics in the Cool Wool collections of Europe's leading weavers offer a superb alternative to less eco-friendly fibres often chosen for the warmer months in the Gulf," explains Rob Langtry, The Woolmark Company's chief strategy and marketing officer.

The Cool Wool weavers supporting the program in the Middle East and globally are: Alfred Brown, Dormeuil, Hield Brothers, Bower Roebuck, Charles Clayton, Bulmer & Lumb Group, Holland & Sherry, Ipekis, Yunsa, REDA, William Halstead, Savile Clifford, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Joseph H Clissold, Fratelli Tallia Di Delfino, John Foster, Johnstons of Elgin.

They will be presenting fabrics at Première Vision in Paris in February to help widen the global availability of Cool Wool fabrics and garments for consumers.