There has been a new twist in the US court case that branded Nicaraguan factory Chentex a sweatshop, as over 1,000 employees from the factory have called for the case to be dropped.

Reports in the Financial Times have revealed that over 1,000 workers marched on the US embassy in Managua to protest against the labour rights case brought to court by US congressmen and activists. The jeans factory workers fear the bad publicity from the case is putting their jobs at risk.

Kohl's, Wal-Mart and JC Penney have all been criticised for sourcing from the Chentex plant and managers at the factory have revealed fears that continued bad press may cause the stores to pull out altogether, resulting in the closure of production lines and the loss of jobs.

One manager from the plant told the Financial Times that the company had already lost a third of its orders since the case began in December placing 100 jobs at risk.

Despite the workers' calls to drop the case, officials at the National Labour Committee, which brought the case over five dismissed workers, have pledged to continue with their boycotting actions, stating that there had been an improvement in working conditions since the filing of the case.