The 7.5 per cent growth cap placed by the US government on knit fabric, dressing gown and brassiere imports from China will remain in place until 23 December 2004. 

The ruling follows the expiry of a 90-day consultation period mandated by the US government's special textile China safeguard regulations on March 23.

During this time, an agreement whereby China would voluntarily limit its exports of knit fabric, brassieres and dressing gowns to the United States could not be reached. 

Several US textile trade associations have pledged to continue to file China safeguard actions as necessary in the future as to combat what they describe as "market disrupting surges of Chinese textile and apparel exports."

From the end of 2001 through year-end 2003, Chinese exports surged 29,671.6 per cent for knit fabric, 1158.5 per cent for dressing gowns, and 404.1 per cent for brassieres.