The US government on Friday said it was delaying by ten days its decision on whether or not to impose quota on Chinese exports of woollen trousers - the second time in less than a week it has extended its decision-making window.

Last Tuesday it delayed a safeguard decision on whether to limit imports of synthetic filament fabric from China.

The Committee for the Implementation of Textile Agreements (CITA) says it wants until July 31, 2005 to decide whether or not to limit imports of men's and boys' wool trousers from China.

The petition on category 447 was filed by the US textile industry on December 10, 2004 and was based on the grounds that an anticipated increase in imports of such products after January 1, 2005, threatened to disrupt the US market for men's and boys' wool trousers.

This year the Bush Administration has already approved safeguards covering men's and boys' cotton and manmade fibre shirts (340/640), manmade fibre trousers (647/648), manmade fibre knit shirts and blouses (638/639), combed cotton yarn (301), cotton knit shirts and blouses (category 338/339), cotton trousers (category 347/348), and cotton and manmade fibre underwear (category 352/652), cotton/man-made fibre non-knit shirts (categories 341/641); cotton/man-made fibre skirts (342/642); cotton/man-made fibre pyjamas/nightwear (351/651); cotton/man-made fibre swimwear (359S/659S); and cotton/man-made fibre curtains (369/666). Swimwear and curtains are part of larger catchall categories, so the petitions on these products cover only a part of each of the categories listed.