Vietnam's retail market has seen a flood of garment products sourced from China despite recently becoming a top ten global textile and garment exporter itself.

Chinese garments, which until lately only appeared in small shops and at markets, are flooding supermarkets across the country owing to their variety, according to a local businesswoman.

Vietnam's own garment production, on the other hand, is more geared towards formal and office wear.

"Vietnamese garments previously competed with Chinese ones at small shops and stalls in local markets, but now it comes to supermarkets where Chinese ones have been transgressing the local made ones, especially jean trousers", said Dang Quynh Doan, director of Viet Thy Fashion.

Vietnam's supermarkets, including Co.opmart, Citimart and Maximark, are also cashing in on the high profit rates from the imports.

"Selling Vietnamese garment products could generate profit rate of 20% while the rate of selling the Chinese ones are 30-50%", said Pham Thi Nguyen Thanh, marketing manager of Thanh Cong Company. 
A survey conducted by a local agency in Vietnam showed that Chinese garments account for 20% of total garment sales at Co.opmart, 30 - 40% at Citimart and Maximark, and 80% at Hapo-mart.

By Ngo Tuan.