"Infants' feet are not just miniature versions of their parents'," insists eminent chiropodist Christina Redfern. "Because the bone has yet to form fully, the feet of young children are both plumper and differently shaped adults."

Now Christina's theories on the correct designs for toddler footwear have been turned into commercial reality with the launch of a new British children's wear brand - Inch Blue.

Bootees from this collection are oval toed and provide "ample growing space." They have ultra soft, breathable leather uppers and soles made of non-slip suede. Meanwhile, an elasticated ankle area ensures the shoes stay put on even the liveliest youngster.

Shoe styles turn their wearers' feet into a pair of fire breathing green dragons or, in deference to the coming World Cup, sport Union Jack medallions and accurately mimic the look of top selling trainers.

By Sonia Roberts.