Clariant today (23 September) unveiled a new cosmetotextiles line that claims to be able to moisturise and firm the skin.

The line, launched at the ITMA international textile and garment machinery exhibition in Barcelona, is called Quiospheres and has been developed in partnership with Lipotec, which develops skincare products for the cosmetics industry.

Quiospheres Moist provides hydrating and moisturising properties, while Quiospheres Slim offers firmness and wellness.

Company spokesperson Carmen Callas told just-style that protein-based enzymes react with the skin on contact, which then releases the product. Using enzyme-free based wool detergent the microcapsules would remain for 20 wash cycles with 50% Quiospheres still on the fabric. Using an all-purpose detergent the capsules also remain on the fabric after 20 wash cycles but with 30% Quiospheres on the fabric.

Lipotec business unit manager Nuria Vaquero added that there are opportunities for companies to offer products that will allow consumers to reload the active products after their initial effectiveness wears out.

Vaquero added that the results of independent testing regarding the efficacy of the product will be revealed in November.