Footwear group Clarks is set to axe 107 jobs with the closure of its factory in Barnstaple, north Devon.

The company, which is also laying off 13 staff at its headquarters in Somerset, said most workers at the Abbeyfield plant would be gone by April.

It has blamed lower wage costs in Asian factories for the redundancies.

According to a Clarks spokesman, new working methods and the importation of shoe uppers from India had kept costs down at Abbeyfield.

However, he said the facility remained uncompetitive in comparison with offshore options.

"Shoe making is fairly labour intensive and the UK cannot compete on wages," the spokesman said.

"We have factories in Vietnam which are superbly equipped and can offer the same standard of product as our UK factories."

CEO Peter Bolliger expressed his regret at the job losses.

"The decision to close a factory is always taken with deep regret because of the impact it has on loyal employees and the wider community," he said.

"However, we can no longer justify the increasing losses we would make if we continued production at Abbeyfield."

Clarks, which once had 30 factories in the UK, now operates just three.