Leading US clothing company FUBU has filed a $100 million lawsuit against movie makers Universal Studios claiming a new film about drug-taking teenagers has damaged the fashion brand's image.

According to the New York Post, FUBU is seeking the massive damages after a foul-mouthed character in the comedy How High creates a clothing line called BUFU, saying it stands for By Us F*** You.

The makers of the genuine clothing line, whose initials represent "For Us By Us," claim the comedy "portrays continual and obsessive illegal drug use, and…promotes the offensive fallacy that African-Americans…are empowered by illegal drug use".

"The use of marijuana is so pervasive" in the flick that one reviewer named cannabis as a co-star, the suit adds.

The film, starring two rappers, is directed by Jesse Dylan, son of musician Bob Dylan.

The New York post adds that documents filed in court claim the "vile stereotype" portrayed in the movie has damaged the brand's image and says a spokeswoman for Universal did not immediately return a call for comment.