Mexicos clothing industry is poised for a production boost

Mexico's clothing industry is poised for a production boost

A senior official at Mexico's National Chamber of Apparel Industry (CANAIVE) has told just-style that the Mexican fashion sector - including clothing, leather and jewellery - is well placed to realise plans to sharply increase exports to US$8bn in 2014.

The goal was announced at this year's Intermoda fashion show in Guadalajara, said an official memorandum from the expo. It argued that because of its impact on employment, Mexico's fashion sector has the best "potential to develop the country's overall economy."

With its key US and European markets rebounding, the CANAIVE official told just-style that Mexico's apparel sector, unlike other industries, "has the potential to provide rapid returns by renovating existing facilities and creating large employment opportunities...".

He added while the industry required skilled manpower, it did not demand huge investments to significantly increase production.

Sergio Lopez de la Cerda, president of CANAIVE and coordinator of Committee of Mexican Fashion (CMM), said Mexico's textile and clothing industry is the country's third largest sector and could soon become the second largest.

Its interests should be given more priority by the Mexican government as a result. The CANAIVE official said in 2013 the Mexico apparel industry exported approximately US$5.8bn worth of goods.

Speaking later to just-style, the association's president added that Mexico's fashion industry "has the ability to increase its production by 50%."