The zip’s teeth and slider  are resistant to corrosion

The zip’s teeth and slider are resistant to corrosion

Industrial thread, yarn and zip specialist Coats Group is launching what it claims is its most advanced range of corrosion resistant zips. 

Metal zips used in leather goods, clothing and footwear are prone to oxidisation and corrosion from exposure to moisture in the air and through contact with chemicals in all leather following the tanning process. Coats says this not only detracts from the product's appearance but can also impede the smooth running of the zip, often to the point of jamming. 

Opti Lux Shield features a proprietary Shield finish which protects the zip's electroplated teeth and slider from leather tanning chemicals and minimises the damage caused by regular abrasion.

It also has specially engineered chemical and mechanical properties to enhance the appearance and durability of the zips, and what Coats describes as a "superior process" for forming the mechanical teeth of the zip enhances the run ability by lowering friction. 

"The unique chemical and mechanical process we have specially developed means we are able to help our customers improve the durability of their products," says Rajiv Sharma, global CEO, Industrial at Coats. 

The range is available in a choice of shiny and matt appearance, all tape colours and three sizes. It is said to be ideal for use in leather garments and accessories as well as stone washed and post dyed garments.