Buttons and embellishments that fall off, hems that come undone, and bulky uncomfortable seams are all damaging to a garment's quality and brand reputation - but could become a thing of the past thanks to a new range of fusible sewing threads from Coats.

The Coats Fusion Braid is produced by plaiting two ends of fine polyester sewing thread (55%) with one end of co-polyamide monofilament yarn (45%), which melts at low temperatures.

The thread can be used in the needles of either lockstitch or chainstitch button sewing machines, and in the bobbin of lockstitch machines, where it secures the loops of the conventional thread used in the needle.

As well as the machine sewing of buttons, the Braid can also be used for hand-stitching buttons, sequins and other garment embellishments. Pressing or ironing the adhesive filament secures the buttons or decorations in place.

Coats Fusion, meanwhile, is just made from the low temperature melting co-polyamide monofilament sewing yarn. It is designed for use in the production of overlocked seams, attaching lace and elastic trims with no visible stitching, and overlock serging operations on hemming.

It is twisted with conventional sewing thread as the thread and filament are drawn into the sewing machine and, when used in the looper of an overedge machine, this combined thread creates a seam with adhesive properties.

The folding twist is imparted into the thread and filament using a special device developed by Coats called the Fusion Capsule. The capsule, containing the fusible yarn, fits on the machine's thread stand underneath a standard Coats thread. As the thread and yarn are drawn into the machine, the standard thread is lightly twisted around the low melt yarn.

This ensures that the adhesion of the low melt filament within a seam is consistent after the seam is pressed or otherwise heat activated.