The Made in Maine, USA shoes are crafted by hand

The 'Made in Maine, USA' shoes are crafted by hand

American footwear and accessories brand Cole Haan is launching a limited-edition shoe collection completely made in the US state of Maine.

The 'Made in Maine, USA' collection blends "quality American craftsmanship with timeless designs," says the company says, which used a factory in Lewiston to make the shoes.

Each one takes five craftsmen to produce, and it can take up to 30 hours to make an individual pair of shoes, ending with overnight drying to ensure shape and structure.

Production steps include authentically rubbing dyes directly into the grain of the leather, along with traditional hand-stitching, while a multi-step burnishing process is used to ensure colours deliver a level of quality that can't be replicated elsewhere.

"The end result is a meticulously constructed and elegantly designed product that, if properly cared for, will last a lifetime," Cole Haan says.

"Creating a shoe that will last a lifetime is an exceedingly personal, painstakingly accurate process from start to finish and is the very definition of American craftsmanship," explains David Maddocks, chief marketing officer and general manager of business development.

The Made in Maine, USA Collection is available in five styles for men, and one for women, with prices starting at $325.