Australian retail group Coles has pushed its commitment to ethical sourcing and supply chain transparency further by publishing a list of factories manufacturing product for its Mix apparel line.

In additional to country of origin labelling, customers will now have access via the retailer's website to the factory details for its apparel manufacturers located in India, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

Coles is hoping that through this practice, it can provide customers with reassurance that its supply chain is operating by global best practice standards.

"Transparency is critical to achieving and maintaining operational standards in the supply chain and the publishing of Coles' apparel factory list is a clear demonstration of this commitment to Australian customers," the company said.

Coles implemented its ethical sourcing policy in 2005 outlining the standards expected from its suppliers. It is also a 'Buyer Partner of Better Work' - a joint programme between the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) which aims to improve compliance with labour standards for workers in the garment industry.

"Coles is committed to understanding and addressing the issues in the international markets from which we source. This means regular visits to our partner factories, independent factory audits and supporting solutions - such as the ILO Research Programme," the company added.