A lawsuit has been filed against Columbia Sportswear by Eugene-based Innovative Sports over heated clothing. 

Innovative Sports designed and developed technology for heated clothing and disclosed those ideas to Columbia Sportswear during meetings, according to the claim.

Following this, Columbia Sportswear, as well as Washington firms The Allyn Group and NCS Power allegedly breached the non-disclosure agreement by producing heated products using Innovative Sports' technology. The complaint relates to Columbia Sportswear's currently available Omni-Heat Electric heated apparel line and its discontinued 2009 collection of heated jackets.

Innovative Sports is seeking monetary damages for breach of contract and misappropriation of trade secrets. The company aims to stop Columbia Sportswear from producing heated sportswear.

A spokesperson for Columbia Sportswear told just-style this afternoon that the company is reviewing the claim, which is pending litigation. "We are not believing it has any merit," he added.