Seven models of heated jackets made by Columbia Sportswear have been recalled because of a burn hazard caused by a potentially overheating inner cuff.

The jackets, of which about 9,600 have been sold in the US and 640 in Canada, were recalled after the company received reports of one incident each in Canada and Europe.

No injuries were reported, but consumers have been advised to disconnect both batteries in their pouches and contact Columbia Sportswear for a refund.

The polyester jackets include seven models of Columbia Omni-Heat jackets - Men's Circuit Breaker II, Electro Amp, Electro Interchange, Electric Big Game Interchange, and Women's Circuit Breaker II, Electro Amp and Electro Interchange jackets.

No incidents have so far been reported in the US.

The outdoor apparel and footwear firm has already recalled a number of the the battery packs sold with some of its electrically heated jackets, over fears they could overheat and pose a fire hazard.