UK consumer confidence remained steady in February, according to figures released today (28 February) by research company GfK.

The GfK Consumer Confidence Index Score was -26 this month - the same level as January. Two of the five measures increased this month, while two declined and one stayed the same.

Nick Moon, managing director of social research at GfK, said: "This is the first time for over a year that there have been two consecutive months with the Index as high as -26, and while an unchanged figure may not seem very good news, the maintenance of all of last month's three point gain is encouraging.

"Even if the Index holds steady for a few more months, it is better to be steady at -26 than at -29, where it was for a year. Consumers may be regaining their breath before moving on to a new base camp in the ascent towards the -9 that is the overall average of the Index across its almost 40 year life."