Makers of “wearable technology” products still have a number of barriers to cross in order to win over sceptical consumers, according to a new study.

The consumer survey by research organisation TNS found that while 75% of people are aware of at least one wearable computing device, only 9% are interested in using them.

More than half of those surveyed – 52% – would rather wear a device on their wrist, such as a smartwatch or smart bracelet, with the next most preferred place the arm (24%).

But 55% of respondents think wearable technology will be too expensive for them, and 24% think they already have too many devices anyway.

Furthermore, 31% are worried about privacy, and cite this as a barrier to adopting wearable computing.

However, nearly 34% said they would use wearable technology to monitor their health, and to communicate with their friends.

“Wearable computing is still in its infancy,” said Tom Buehrer, senior vice president at TNS.

“The main challenge lies in convincing people of its value and developing a device with mass appeal.”