The Vietnamese General Department of Customs has reported that the Vietnamese textile and apparel industry imported 212,000 tons, or US$268m, of cotton during 2007 - up by 17% and 22.4% respectively over 2006.
The US remained the largest cotton supplier, shipping 63,900 tons to Vietnam, totalling $81m and accounting for 30.1% of total figures.

Meanwhile, India shipped 32,700 tons to Vietnam for $40.1m, and Taiwan exported 15,400 tons to the country.

The import price of the cotton in 2007 was $1,264 per ton, up by 5% over 2006.

So far, Vietnam has been relying heavily on the imported cotton for local textile and garment production, leading the industry to seek more capital for material projects like cotton fibre plants.

By Ngo Tuan.