A Queensland couple have found there is money in muck as they receive orders from around the world for their range of home-made polo shirts stained with the region's famous red soil.

According to the Sunday Mail, Richard and Janelle Mason's "dirt shirts" are being exported to countries ranging from the US to the UK as part of their Mud Gear range.

Mr Mason, a qualified soil conservationist, came up with the unusual fashion idea while in Canada and after several experiments designed a formula that means the shirt fabric holds the distinctive ochre hue of the Kingaroy district, the paper says.

"The two questions people ask are: Is it (the colour) going to stay there and do they come in any other colour?" Mr Mason told the Sunday Mail.

"Like a pair of jeans, the colour will fade over time and the colour depends on how much soil I put in. I'm still working on the quality control."