South Korean yarn producer Hyosung has increased capacity in China and Vietnam to meet consumer demand for Creora elastane and in anticipation of the expected benefits of the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade treaty with countries including Canada and the US.

In addition to investment in capacity, Hyosung has also opened a Textile Development Centre in China to focus on fabric development and innovation. In particular, the facility will focus on covering, hosiery, seamless, circular knitting and weaving equipment.

The intent, the company said, is to use the facilities to prove out new Creora product innovation as well as develop new prototype concepts to integrate in customised business development workshops.

“We are constantly looking for new ways to add value for our customers,” said Hyosung president Kim. “Our innovation platforms are focused on improved processing value, enhanced functionality, and new aesthetics. Our new development centre will provide a competitive advantage when combined with our latest manufacturing capability for outstanding quality, consistency, and runnability. Our intent is support our customers through new innovation and business development.”

In July last year, Hyosung developed an eco-friendly elastane, Creora Easy Scour, designed to reduce water usage and improve mill quality.

The TPP free trade agreement being negotiated between the US and 11 other Pacific nations including Vietnam has the potential to eliminate tariffs on Vietnamese apparel and footwear exports to the US and Canada.