A long-running legal dispute between plastic clog maker Crocs and Old Friend foam shoe manufacturer Australia Unlimited, has been settled after four years.

The companies have not disclosed the terms of the decision, but say they have agreed to end all outstanding litigation between them.

The dispute came about after Crocs claimed breach of contract and patent and trade dress infringement, while Australia Unlimited sought damages relating to its NothinZ foam shoe brand which is part of its Old Friend range.

Australia Unlimited's claims against Crocs included declarations of non-infringement of patent and trade dress, breach of contract and violations of anti-trust laws.

The settlement between the two shoemakers comes four years after Crocs filed complaints against several companies, including Australia Unlimited, contending the companies were infringing on Crocs' patents for lightweight resin clogs.

Kent small businessman Jim Klavano, president of Australia Unlimited, then countersued Crocs.

After the resolution Klavano said: "We will continue to market our unique, patented diamond clogs and shock-absorbing footwear worldwide."

Australia Unlimited's NothinZ brand offers a distinctive ergonomic, correct fit design with thick, rebounding heels and melting arches.