David's Bridal, a wholly owned subsidiary of May Company, is the latest company to use Made4Me's Intellifit technology to create a new line of bridal gown patterns based on actual consumer measurements.

Knowing how critical fit is in a bride's dress decision, the innovations introduced by this national bridal retailer will mean better fitting gowns and dresses for a wider variety of body types and shapes and, in the near future, the ability to provide custom, made-to-fit gowns at near off-the-rack prices.

According to CEO Bob Huth: "David's has always been at the forefront of innovation for the bridal market. Now, we are continuing that innovation by focusing on something our customers say is critical, but is different for every customer. The challenge is to create beautiful designs that work on a wide variety of body shapes and sizes."

Made4Me's Intellifit technology optimises a company's patterns, or creates new patterns, to fit the real bodies of real customers. Sizing Solutions starts by collecting body measurements from a random sampling of a retailer or cataloguer's customer base and processes that data to determine the true pattern specifications required to optimise fit and maximise customer satisfaction for any given style garment.

Made4Me then delivers new, digital, production-ready patterns that are said to have significantly better proportional fit than standard, linearly graded patterns. New fit-optimised patterns will increase the likelihood of a sale upon try-on at retail, lower a company's return rate for fit, reduce alteration expense, and contribute to lower, better-balanced inventories.