After a three-year test period, Swedish fitness wear brand Dcore is rolling out a built-in odour protection technology across its expanded range of workout wear.

The company has selected the Polygiene Odor Control Technology from Sweden's Polygiene AB to treat 90% of its product range. The treatment is based on silver salt (silver chloride) made from recycled silver, and can be applied at the fabric stage or the finished garment stage. It neutralises odour by stopping the growth of odour-causing bacteria and fungi, and lasts at least 100 washes despite the fact that only a very small amount of silver salt is used. 

Polygiene is increasingly used by premium clothing brands, and is especially popular among sports and outdoor clothing retailers, including Adidas, Athleta, Millet, Patagonia and Vaude.

A positive environmental impact is that the treated workout clothes can be washed less frequently. This helps reduce water and energy consumption as well as fabric wear and tear, making garments last longer.

Polygiene is Bluesign approved, meets the requirements of European Union REACH regulations, and is on the Oeko-Tex list of approved products.