Intimate apparel specialist Delta Galil Industries Ltd has set goals for cutting the amount of water, energy and waste consumed by its factories around the world as part of the company's first Global Corporate Responsibility report.

The group, which is headquartered in Tel-Aviv, Israel, has also set its sights on basing 10% of its production on eco-friendly materials by 2012.

The firm says that currently, 7.2% of its production is based on sustainable materials.

The report also commits the company to a 10% reduction in water use, a 5% reduction in energy consumption, and a 5% growth in recycling rates by 2015.

Delta Galil, which makes underwear and socks, has operations in Egypt, Bulgaria, Thailand, the US, UK, Jordan, China and India. It also uses sub-contractors in China, Turkey, Bangladesh, Sri-Lanka, Indonesia and Vietnam.
According to its GRI report (Global Reporting Initiative) it is addressing sustainable issues throughout the product lifecycle, from raw materials to design, through the production processes to consumer use and eventual disposal.

It says its Ecolife brand, launched last year, was a direct result of research into apparel that would use less energy in washing and drying.

Made from 'Real Lasting Cotton' and a special treatment, the line can be washed in cold water and worn for longer.