Turkey's denim jeans exports increased to US$685 during the first half of the year, up 7.5% from the corresponding period last year, with Germany emerging as the top importer of these goods.

Denim exports had increased by 28% in 2005, but decreased around 4.3 % the following year. However, ready-wear exports raised substantially in the first half of this year, prompting denim figures to return to form, according to the Turkish clothing industry report by ITKIB (Istanbul Textiles and Apparel Exporters Assosication).

In the UK, $96.8 worth of denim goods were imported, while the biggest increase was in Greece, where 85% more denim was imported from Turkey. The US, on the other hand, reduced its denim trading with the country by 45% to $9.9m.

Figures sourced from General Secretariat of ITKIB.