Apparel maker Dockers has revolutionised its product offering with a new water- and odour-repellent, anti-fading, air-conditioning and wrinkle- and stain-resistant range of men's casual business attire.

The proStyle range, which includes pants, shirts, socks, undergarments, shoes, belts, ties and outerwear, features a range of innovative technologies that promote both comfort and ease of care.

They include Stain Defender (which uses nanotechnology to make garment fibres hydrophobic, thus repelling water and water-based stains), Wrinkle Defiance, Cool Effects (an evaporation technology which spreads out moisture across the surface area of the garment), Colour Bond (which uses anti-fading dyes to form covalent bonds on the molecular level of the fabric) and Refresh Action (a bacteria eliminator).

"(The) Dockers brand has always been the innovation leader in wardrobe solutions that meet real needs at the time," the company's vice-president of brand marketing Maureen Griffin said.

"proStyle benefits simplify and gratify, which is exactly what today's consumers are looking for."

The range will reach stores in March 2004.