A Canadian doctor on Wednesday issued a warning about the danger of wearing low-slung jeans after three women complained of experiencing "tingly thighs" from a pinched nerve.

Dr Malvinder Parmar, of the Timmins and District Hospital in Ontario, said hip-hugging jeans are not suitable for overweight women as they compress a sensory nerve which can cause discomfort, while wearing them with belts can press close to the spine.

"All (three patients) presented with symptoms of tingling or a burning sensation on the lateral aspect of the thigh," he said in a report published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

He explained a sensory nerve passes just beneath the hip and when the nerve gets compressed "it can cause a tingling sensation similar to carpal tunnel syndrome".

"If the belt is up close to the belly button or the mid-region, then you don't have that much tightness around that area," he added.

Dr Parmar advised the women to switch to loose jeans and said after six weeks the discomfort had gone. He predicted the problem could become common as more and more people switch to that style of jeans.