Legendary boot brand Dr Martens on Monday announced the launch of a new brand and product strategy built on its original work heritage.

The Oregon-based company, owned by UK parent R Griggs Group Ltd, said in a press release it will target the footwear needs of workers in a wide range of jobs whether they work in offices, studios, on the street or in the field.

Starting from Spring/Summer 2004, the firm will introduce air cushioning and comfort technology to all its work related footwear and will be backed up by a multi-million dollar global marketing and advertising campaign.

"Dr Martens' association with youth culture and music is part of its rich history, but the true heritage of the brand is rooted in work," said marketing director Bobbie Parisi.

"The reason the brand was originally embraced was due to its working class origins and utilitarian style ... this strategy brings the brand back to its roots."