Raw, Rhythm, Rock. These are the predictions for autumn/winter 2001-2002 youthwear trends according to DuPont Lycra Styling Bureau.

Overall design direction focuses on freedom, individuality and spontaneity. These trends are expressed in a strong revival of pattern and decoration that enable the wearer to adapt to the mood of the moment. Technology is important but not necessarily noticeable - hidden within the construction of the fabric or garment rather than exhibited in obvious "high tech" details. Glamour and a feeling of fun claim positions of equal importance with the prevailing influence of sports and leisure.

Wild, ragged, unfinished - the look is expressed in fabrics that might be rough and rugged or, on the other hand, brushed and softened to a fluffy texture. Styling begins with basic silhouettes individualised through finishing details such as fringes and frayed edges that enhance the "raw" look.

This is more of a classic, bourgeois style and can be seen in neat camel, tartans and dogtooth checks, as well as non-traditional tweed patchworks and fantasy weaves. Rhythmic styling depends on separate bits and pieces worn in layers to create individual dimensions.

A chic hippy feeling runs throughout the theme, which includes everything from "baby princess" to "glam rock". Fabrics are an eclectic mix of ornamental prints and jacquards as well as textured plains. The styling emphasis is on dressing up as a freewheeling approach to self-expression that combines traditional with high-tech, sport with splendour.

Lycra has produced a poster incorporating the key trends that will influence the 0-25 age group. The poster is distributed to European fabric and garment manufacturers, as well as retailers involved in creating, producing or marketing apparel for the youthwear sector, and highlights important styling directions in three concise themes.

The Youthwear Trends Poster is available at upcoming ready-to-wear trade fairs, where the latest developments in fabrics and garments with LYCRA® specifically aimed at the youthwear market are presented. These include, amongst others, Première Vision (Paris Villepinte, 5-8 October 00).