Dye manufacturer DyStar Group is to launch a navy version of its Realan dye, which provides a completely metal-free dyeing process, later this month. 

The company, which supplies dyestuffs and auxiliaries to the textile and leather industries, is using the Interdye & Printing Eurasia show for the launch of Realan Navy MF-RRN. The dye is a replacement for mordant navy types, has a very clear, bloom shade and is free of chrome and other heavy metals.

Fully compliant with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and Bluesign approved, the launch follows that of Dystar's metal free Realan Black MF-PV dye launched at last year's show. 

DyStar develops metal-free black wool dyes

Other innovations to be shown by Dystar will be the new Levafix Eco range for exhaust and continuous dyeing of cellulosic, completely free of p-CA and other regularly controlled amines.

In relation to digital printing for fashion, the firm's recently launched Jettex intense inks will be showcased, as will the new multifunctional Evo Fin PSR finisher, which Dystar claims "sets a benchmark for moisture management on PES fabrics". 

The Interdye & Printing Eurasia trade show takes place in Istanbul's Expo Center from 12-14 March, at which DyStar's denim team will also present its complete denim solution package with DyStar Indigo Vat 40% solution, including coatings for indigo-based jeans for new blues, Lava products for colourful denim and fashionable wash effects, and a selection of Sera and Evo auxiliaries for pre-treatment and finishing.

It will also present processes and technologies for saving, recovery and reuse of dyes, chemicals, water, and energy.