Denim North America (DNA), a division of DNA Textile Group, is launching a new US-made denim constructed using a yarn made out of cotton knit cuttings discarded during the apparel cut and sew process. 

The company has teamed up with Georgia-based Jimtex Yarns, a division of Martex Fiber Southern Corporation, to produce R3 Denim, which is manufactured entirely in Georgia.

The collection utilises certified ECO2cotton yarn made from the recycling of new, pre-consumer (post-industrial) cotton knit cuttings, and each pair of jeans made with R3 Denim contains the equivalent of two recycled T-shirts. The environmentally responsible denim also conserves water and reduces energy used in manufacturing.

"We are taking recycled a step further with the added benefit of performance to offer a sustainable yet functional modern denim," says DNA's creative and marketing director, Lisa Harris.

R3 Denim will be jointly launched by both DNA and Martex Fiber Southern Corporation, and will promote Martex's "No Fiber Left Behind" campaign which stresses the importance of zero landfill.

The development comes a few months after denim giant Levi Strauss & Co partnered with textile technology start-up Evrnu to create what it says are the world's first jeans made using discarded cotton T-shirts. 

Levi Strauss turns T-shirts into closed-loop jeans