The ex-chief executive and president of apparel retailer Eddie Bauer is in line to net more than US$4.5m in salary and bonuses over the coming two years, according to a regulatory filing.

Fabian Mansson left the retailer last week, the day after shareholders threw out Bauer's planned sale to two private equity companies.

The company had suffered losses of US$275m in nine months in 2006 under Mansson's leadership.

The filing stated, however, that he is entitled to the payout because of terms set out in a pre-existing employment deal signed back in 2005.

Accordingly, Mansson will continue to receive his $980,000 salary until May 2009 and will also get $980,000 worth of bonuses in 2007 and 2008, plus a $346,356 bonus the year after.

Mansson also will get life insurance, health benefits and accelerated vesting of stock options and restricted stock units.