Eleksen Group, the maker of smart fabric touchpads for clothing and soft-goods products, is launching a set of new products and solutions for the consumer and enterprise mobility markets at annual European event 3GSM.

The products and designs to be unveiled combine technologies such as Bluetooth, USB and wearable LCD display solutions with Eleksen's ElekTex smart fabric touchpads.

The solutions are designed to be easily integrated into existing apparel and soft-goods products or adapted by mobile device manufacturers, carriers and soft-goods manufacturers for new product designs.

John Collins, Eleksen's VP business development and marketing, said: "Mobile devices are getting smaller and smarter. Unfortunately, control interface design for these devices isn't keeping up with the richness of these platforms.

"Eleksen provides a solution to this problem with human-scale interactive fabric interfaces which transform the clothes we wear or the bags we carry into extensions of our mobile devices - keyboards embedded in bags, call-answering controls from the sleeve of a jacket."