Etexx, an e-business solutions provider for the textile and apparel industry, claims to have introduced the first trends area on the Internet, targeting fashion professionals seeking information and direction on "tomorrow's fashion."

"For the first time, textile-clothing industry buyers and suppliers can have a global, ongoing source of information on industry trends and news to help them correctly anticipate their markets and make the right decisions," said Frederic Allard, Etexx's CEO.

"By providing this information, Etexx is now well-positioned to set trends on the web and lay down the guidelines that allow weavers and fashion designers to build their upcoming collections. These forums are now accessible at any time to the 10,000 members registered with Etexx."

The trends area attracts some 20 per cent of traffic on site, with 27 per cent of the visitors buyers, 21 per cent manufacturers, and 30 per cent designers. It also gives designers access to a wealth of information that helps them project key market directions for the next two years. The Info-designer team, headed up by Agnes Kubiak, uses the Internet as a vehicle for communicating industry trends.

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