The two-day Sustainable Cotton Forum takes place on 16-17 March

The two-day 'Sustainable Cotton Forum' takes place on 16-17 March

Sustainability representatives and major brands will gather in London this month to discuss the key issues surrounding the cotton supply chain and ethical sourcing.

Marks & Spencer, Primark, Kering and Lindex will be amongst several industry players attending the two-day 'Sustainable Cotton Forum' in London on 16-17 March, which is expected to be attended by 150 representatives across the textile supply chain.

Set to become an annual event, the forum is designed to promote the use of sustainable and ethical cotton sourcing. As such, a presentation will be made by Lena Staafgard, business director of the Better Cotton Initiative.

The event also aims to provide both a basic and advanced level forum for those wishing to get started - and improve - on ethical and sustainable cotton sourcing, in addition to raising awareness across the supply chain of what can be done to improve practices and supplier performance.

“The Sustainable Cotton Forum will bring together highly experienced practitioners and key NGOs around a focused agenda, in order to get to the core of the key issues surrounding the cotton supply chain,” said organiser Innovation Forum. “The agenda is designed to be highly interactive and engaging so the issues discussed are those that really matter to you and your peers.”