A European Union (EU) research project is developing an innovative business model that allows consumers to design and choose their own clothing online, with manufacturers shipping remotely-controlled bespoke work.

The EUR5.17m Open Garments project aims to create a secure and practical electronic communications system delivering customer requirements to manufacturers, who can act on them swiftly.

An Open Garments’ memorandum said: “Applying this the…industry [can] create and provide individual garments with a very high degree of customisation in terms of fit, fashion and function at a comparable price in typically 72 hours.”

Final results and demonstration models will be released by this August.

The consortium coordinated by the Deutsche Institute fuer Textil- und Faserforschung Denkendorf - Zentrum für Management Research, of Germany. Other participants include fellow Germans Color-Textil Veredlung; Belgium’s Douëlou NV - Bivolino; Switzerland’s Ergosoft; the Netherlands’ Max Juwelier & Edelsmederij; Tunisia’s Platico; Spain’s Androme Ibérica; Italy’s TXT e-solutions; Ireland’s Boondoggle; and Poland’s FartPol II.