eWarna's web-based colour approval process management solution Xmatch is being expanded with trim search and spectro correlation options.

The "Trim Search" function enables Xmatch users to carry out a precise colour search of live and always up-to-date colour libraries provided online via eWarna by a wide and growing range of global trim suppliers, from thread through zips to haberdashery.

The new spectrophotometer (spectro) correlation tool prompts the buyer to re-measure a swatch on a spectrophotometer, and automatically creates a link between that measurement and the one from the mill.

Over time Xmatch builds up a database of these links, and live summary reports of the results can be viewed on demand. A buyer can view individual trends in measurement differences between his spectro and one other, or view summary reports of all spectros in his supply chain versus his own unit.

"This is not a correction feature on its own," says Richard Lawn, CEO of eWarna, "rather it follows our belief that the proper aim of digital colour in the supply chain is to improve a very lengthy and wasteful physical process by involving all players in a simple and cost effective manner, eliminating obvious wasted processes immediately and then working on the issues that remain."

If a buyer can see that any differences between her measurements and those of a supplier stay within an acceptable range, then that gives the confidence needed to move further towards digital decision making.